You’ve Never Seen Coca-Cola Cans Like This Before

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“Believe in a new beginning.” The Lunar New Year in Vietnam welcomes everyone to look towards better and brighter things, welcoming in new opportunities and accepting fresh beginnings. This special packaging designed by KI SaiGon is the Coca-Cola Tet 2017, inspired by this special holiday.

“Ki Saigon was commissioned to create a limited edition pack & design identity by Coca-Cola for their coveted 2017 Tet (Lunar New Year) campaign. Our creative process began by researching the real meaning of the festival for millions of Vietnamese. New Years for Vietnamese is just not a celebration, but a moment of great cultural significance. It is a time family members gather (Đoàn tụ) and instill faith in each other for a brighter tomorrow: Đón một bắt đầu, ‘a time to believe in a new beginning.’”

“The design strategy was bought to life by the ‘swallow’—a unique symbol of Tet & bringer of a hope, whose arrival signals spring time & marks the prosperous beginning. We gave a pattern characteristic to the ‘swallow’ to turn them to unique symbols.”

“Each of our patterns are artistic interpretations of symbols that Vietnamese associate with new beginnings. The design language was conceived for 3 distinct Tet messages that bring the idea to life:

1. Giữ vẹn niềm tin (Believe in new beginnings)

2. Đón một bắt đầu (Welcome the new)

3. Đủ đầy phú quý (Prosper)”

“Peach and apricot flowers—the signal of a prosperous future. Fireworks—a signal of hope and a brighter tomorrow. Traditional 5 fruit plate—the offering to the ancestors for their blessing.”

“Specially created patterns were adorned by metallic printing on the swallow to give them a depth and richness. The printing process across the Coca-Cola cans were modeled and customised to reach the desired effect.”

Designed by: KI SaiGon

Product Shots: Jeremy Wong

Country: Vietnam

City: Ho Chi Minh City


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